Golf Marathon Fundraiser


SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center is proud to once again host our annual Golf Marathon this upcoming  September. The purpose for this event is simple: to raise money to further the Kingdom-building ministry of SON-Life Camp. We ask that all who golf in this event raise pledges from friends, family, church body, businesses, etc. When the event is over, we send all pledge donors a memo on how well their sponsored golfer did in the event and what their total was.


This is a great day for you to grab your clubs, some fellow golfers, and see how many holes you can golf in a day - doing your best to golf 100 holes. This event will be followed by dinner for all the participants as well as a small awards ceremony to follow. Please consider joining us on September 12th at Orchard Hills Golf Course to help perpetuate our growing ministry. Your attending and fundraising could make all the difference to a young person who hasn't heard the good news of Jesus Christ. For more information, or to sign up, give us a call or email.
Thank you!