Volunteer Opportunities!











  • Baking - We need people to come in during the summer weeks and bake cookies, cakes, and other treats for our campers. (One/Two day(s) a week, or once a summer - we're flexible.)
  • Dish Crew - We have a huge need for people to come in and clean the dishes and dining hall after meals. (Time: One week or all summer, also a great way to volunteer/community service hours for students.)
  • Meal Prep - Our cook needs your help! They need your help with preparing meals for the campers to eat. Free camping with your own camping unit, if available. (One week.)
  • Mowing - We provide the mower, you provide the time. We typically schedule mowers every 4-6 weeks over the summer season, and usually have mowing days set for Wednesdays, or Tuesdays.
  • General Needs - If you have a special gift or talent in areas such as plumbing, electrical, cutting wood, auto/mechanical, etc., we would love to talk to you as well. There are always issues that come up at camp that we need volunteers for.
  • School Groups - have a service day coming up? Lets talk! We generally have great projects for groups of 8-15 students. Projects vary per season.


Pray For Us!

We would like to ask you to spend some time in prayer for SON-Life Camp.
Pray for things like:

  • Summer Camp staff and campers
  • Retreat groups/families that will be here during different times throughout the year
  • An increase in fall/winter/spring retreat group usage
  • Continued safety for staff and volunteers as they serve here
  • Continued provision for all our needs
  • Snowbound Winter Camp session
  • Successful events and fundraising




As a ministry, we are thankful for those who are able to provide financially.

If you feel that God is leading you to give a donation
to SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center, you can do so right here.
We appreciate your willingness to give!

Our Wish List!

  1. New or gently used NERF guns and darts

  2. 10-12' Kayaks (Approx $300/boat. Sit-On Kayaks preferred for the campers) 2 DONATED - THANKS!/WOULD LOVE A FEW MORE)

  3. 10-12' Paddle Boards and paddles (1 Green, 1 Red, 2 Orange, and 1 Blue preferred, ideally Sun Dolphin Sea Quest boards & Own The Wave brand paddles - http://a.co/dCYrXcw)

  4. Gently used costumes and props (wigs, clothes, funny hats, sunglasses, etc.)

  5. Wooden Adirondack Chairs (for waterfront, the back deck of the retreat center, and other spots around camp // 8-10 more desired).

  6. Repcolite Red Briar stain (This is the exact type of stain for cabins and the Retreat Center, so we could ALWAYS use this to freshen up out buildings. Approx. $35 a can)

  7. Lumber of any sort/amount (2x4s, 2x6s, 4x4s of 6, 8, 10, or 12 foot lengths would be great! We're always building and fixing things around here!)

  8. Shade tree saplings (Maple, oaks, or Eastern Redbud trees etc. that we can plant around camp to provide shade/color for summer camp activities in the future)

  9. Large clean sheets of  corrugated cardboard (to build stage backdrops and theme objects for summer camp)

  10. Large boxes campers could fit in (For a new game called Mega Box Wars) 2'x2'x4' is ideal.

  11. Cordless power drills // 2 desired

  12. 2" Pro Gaff Gaffers Tape (both Black and White, approx $20 a roll, used for stage design, taping cables and cords, and hanging things on walls during camp sessions) http://shop.bmisupply.com/tape/gaffer%27s/pro-gaffer%27s

  13. Large black innertubes for downhill tubing at winter camp

  14. Citronella candles (Any size, in tin or not in a tin)

  15. Craft Supplies (anything you can think of that kids can use for crafts!)

  16. 36"-48" inflatable Cage Ball - http://a.co/0WWTlKK

  17. Perennial wildflower seeds (for various places around camp that could use some color)

  18. Large photo frames (ideally 24"x30" or similar sizes, new or old, doesn't matter. We'll paint them black and use them in the Retreat Center, Game Room, Dining Hall, Bathrooms, and more! It'll be super nice to showcase the best images of this beautiful camp!

  19. Empty Arizona tea jugs (For Milk Jug Lacrosse game and floating bobbers for our raft anchors in the off-season)

  20. 8 to 10 inch sized field stones for landscaping

  21. 14 total Fusion Climb Contigua Carabiners (For hammocks) http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B008KEDM3U

  22. Nylon Double Hammocks (For Outpost Camp, 3-4 desired)

  23. Glade Plugin refills/Air Wick Plugin refills (to keep cabins & bathrooms smelling fresh for retreat and summer camp guests) http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00KZ40HT0

  24. Mini Nerf footballs with fins - http://a.co/hPmABNL - SEVERAL DONATED/WOULD LOVE A BUNCH MORE in variety of colors!

  25. Paracord (550 Type III 7 Strand, multiple colors for camper crafts)

  26. Poison Ivy Round-Up spray

  27. Pool noodles (30-40 desired// 24 Donated / Would love some more!)

  28. Spray Paint (bright, fun colors in satin or gloss)

  29. Mulch for flower beds

  30. Peat gravel (for firewood corral and maintenance corral).

  31. Clean fill dirt

  32. Grill lighters (for lighting candles for Prayer Walk)

  33. Disc Golf Discs (putters, medium and long-range discs)

  34. Drinking fountain with water bottle filling station - http://a.co/3vpre3G

  35. DeWalt batteries for power drill (9.6v for DW926) - http://a.co/eRPnPX9

  36. Sharp knives for food prep in Kitchen

  37. Water balloons and water balloon launchers

  38. Strands of regular Christmas lights (for prayer walks and lighting cabins at Snowbound Winter Camp, any colors/styles)

  39. a 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive (for transfer of files around the office)

  40. Sun & Shade Grass seed (to thicken lawns and fix patchy spots around camp)

  41. Generic large lightweight Walmart balls ($2.50/ball)

  42. Large rain covers for over top of our 8-person Outpost tents

  43. 3 Frontier Hawks for our tomahawk range - http://a.co/eJn24OR

  44. Any amount of woodchips - we go through a lot, as we use it to pave our hiking trails

  45. Various Board Games: a few copies of Uno, Oregon Trail Card Game, Chinese Checkers, , Mouse Trap, Spot It, Don't Break The Ice, Survive Atlantis, Hungry Hungry Hippos

  46. New 6 foot shelf unit for board games (ideally plastic cabinet style on wheels)

  47. Sprinklers (generic ones for watering lawns, and a couple fun ones for campers to play in at Mud Pit and other camp activities)

  48. Garden Hose Spools (2-3 desired) http://a.co/9c4zcrm

  49. 2 or 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers (various colors) http://a.co/86PoDAs

  50. GoPro 5 (Our GoPro Hero 2 is getting old and worn, we'd love to upgrade as video is an important marketing tool for us!) http://a.co/6zogHfl

  51. Washable Ink Pads (in several various colors)

  52. Earmuffs (for campers to wear in the Retreat Center to deaden loud sounds during worship)

  53. Highlighters & Dry Erase Markers (skinny ones, not chisel tip)

  54. Funds/lumber for a shelter for our Tomahawk Range  (Approx $1500)

  55. Folding Camping Chairs (14 total desired - would like to supply each cabin with 2!) Similar to this, in a variety of colors: http://a.co/5MtPOYE

  56. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. We have 4 or 5 of these for various areas of camp, but would like to have one for each cabin (7 total). http://a.co/9M4DNgS

  57. A set of gym scooters for a game called Human Hungry Hippos! http://a.co/b8bq69h

  58. A big pile of ball pit balls for Human Hungry Hippos! http://a.co/1Yap7bL

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If you'd like to support us financially, you can do so here:

You can also send a check to:
SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center
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SON-Life Camp and Retreat Center is a 401c3 organization,
meaning all your donations are tax deductible. Hallelujah!

Thank you for considering supporting SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center!
We work diligently to help build God's kingdom.
Your gifts help us enormously.


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