This summer we're going to get a little crazy as we dive
into Hebrews 11:1-2!
"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and
assurance about what we do not see.
This is what the ancients were commended for."

We're excited to dive into God's word and discover what this means for us! Not only is SON-Life a great place to
learn about God, but it's also a

Check out the awesome camp sessions
we're offering this summer!

What's the difference between
each camp session offered?

DAY CAMP! - $160 - Open to campers ages 6-10 years old. Campers join us
each morning for five fun-filled days of great games, silly songs, crazy crafts,
lunch, swimming, snack shack, and simple bible study. Campers head home
right before dinner to conclude the daily session. Day Camp is a great place
to discover more about Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Christian. It's
also a great place to meet new friends, use too much bug spray, and lose
your favorite pair of flip flops. Don't worry, we usually find them!
OPTIONAL OVERNIGHT stay on Thursday for an additional $25. 
PRIMARY EXPERIENCE! - $200 - Is your camper ready to try an overnight
camp? Primary Experience is a great next step for campers ages 7 to 10
years old. Campers join us Monday morning, stay two nights, and head
home on Wednesday. They can expect twice the amount of crazy camp fun
as Day Camp as they will now be able to enjoy campfires, evening activities,
new games, canoeing, tubing behind the speedboat, blobbing, and more!
Anyway you look it it, Primary Experience is an adventure your campers
won't want to miss!
JUNIOR ESCAPE! - $305 - What's better than 3-day camp? 5-day camp,
of course! Junior Escape is open to 9-13 year old campers who are looking
for a fantastic week of both fast-paced action, time to chill with friends,
and a deeper dive into God's word. This camp also introduces what we call
QUESTS, a time in the schedule where campers get to choose which
activities they want to do. QUESTS available to Junior Escapers include
Mountainboarding, Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Milk Jug Lacrosse and
more! Junior Escape is the bee's knees of SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center.
TEEN EXTREME! - $305 - Open to campers ages 13-16 year old, this camp
combines a relaxing week away from home with a rejuvenating time with
the Lord. SON-Life partners with a  Christian speaker to best facilitate the
bible studies and devotions during the week. Campers will be challenged
to grow in Christ and live out their faith. Add the awesomeness of camp to
the mix and we have the makings of a really fun week that could change
lives! Teen Extreme is coming to a camp near you!... and by that we mean
it's coming to SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center! I know, right? Too cool.
OUTPOST EXPEDITION! - $365 - Spend a few days at SON-Life, then head
on north for some wilderness adventure! Outpost is available to campers
ages 14-17  years old. Our expedition changes a little every year, but one
thing is to be sure, rafting down the Pine River is always a staple of this
camp. We leave camp Wednesday morning and return Friday afternoon.
Start praying for good weather because we stay in tents!


SON-Life Camp & Retreat Center is committed to
leading a quality camp experience where your campers
will be able to engage in worship and in learning of
God. We also strive to know your camper on a real
and personal level. We're not just glad to have
another young one at camp, we truly desire to
invest in them
as we understand and appreciate
who Christ says they are - a dear child of His
whom he was willing to lay His life down for.
As much as camp is a fun place, we sincerely work
to help each camper know Him more.


To see all the great videos of what summer camp is like, head on over to our Vimeo page to see the full collection!

Schedule A Tour of Camp!
Never been to SON-Life Camp before?
We would love to meet you and give you a tour
of our property! Parents and Campers are welcome to
visit us and take a look around. However, we ask to
have tours scheduled, so please call or email our
office to schedule a day or time.

Need Financial Assistance?
We have awesome supporters who have helped
us create a scholarship fund!
SON-Life Camp would LOVE to help your camper
come to camp.
Simply request the scholarship form,
fill it out, and we will see what we can do to assist you!
We believe it's important for every child to have a
fair swing at a camp experience.

Call our office at 1.269.792.2081 or email for more info or to
request our summer camp brochure! We desire
to make registering your campers a painless process
and can assist you with any questions you may have.


Get ready for an awesome summer!


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